Keyless Bluetooth Smart Lock

Keyless Bluetooth Smart Lock

Getting sick of losing the keys for your lock or forgetting the combination? Time to step into the 21st century with the Keyless Bluetooth Smart Lock Noke.

The Noke Keyless Bluetooth Smart Lock works via Bluetooth using your mobile device which you do not even have to take out of your pocket, just touch the lock and it will look for a compatible phone with the key and unlocks. You might be thinking now, “but geeky dude what if I forgot my phone or my battery dies?” No problem Noke features a Quick-Click technology that allows you to make a custom access code. Simply key in those clicks through a series of long and short taps (kinda like morse code) on the shackle and your Noke will instantly unlock for you.

Using the Noke Keyless Bluetooth Smart Lock app you can even share access for a one-time use or permanent.

Noke not only looks pretty slick it is also made out hardened steel and boron making it tough, durable and even water resistant.

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