Wireless Bluetooth Smart Plant Sensor

Wireless Bluetooth Smart Plant Sensor

Killing everything you are trying to grow? Then you definitely need the Wireless Bluetooth Smart Plant Sensor from Parrot, it measures in real-time everything your plant needs to grow and stay healthy.

The Wireless Bluetooth Smart Plant Sensor by Parrot gathers data of  soil moisture, fertilizer, ambient temperature, and light intensity through 4 sensors every 15 minutes and stores it in its memory, every 2 hours this data will be sent to your smartphone via Bluetooth, don’t worry if you are not in range the data is stored for 80 days.

The data it collects will be analyzed by Parrots free app for Android and iOS that connects to a database with over 6,000 plants and updates you whether your plant is receiving enough sunlight if the soil is too dry or wet and if it is already time again to deploy some fertilizer.

It works indoor and outdoors (from -10 °C to 55° C) is waterproof and can monitor several plants in the same pot, in a planter, or on a small plot of land if the conditions of watering, soil drainage, exposure to the sun and wind are uniform.

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